Fund a teacher whilst out with friends

Teachers in Itzapa – Guatemala

“If I can combine a curry, some beers, and help the project, it sounds like a perfect night out!” – Nick Barker for Phoenix Nicaragua

A simple fundraising idea to support the children and most importantly their education; just add fundraising to an already planned night out!

We all get together for a meal in a restaurant every now and then, whether to wind down at the end of the week, celebrate a birthday, a special event or just meet up with friends. So why not add a fundraising element to it?

The idea is to eat and drink and enjoy a normal night out and when the bill/check arrives, you all match your own part and the proceeds will go towards paying for a month’s salary of one of our 40 local teachers in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Perú, which on average is $250 (£175).

Or invite friends and family round for a meal, charge per head or let them pay a price for how much they enjoyed the meal! A simple fun idea, a low fundraising target and it can be done anytime, any place with anyone.

All you have to remember to do is collect the money and donate on the relevant mydonate pages via the country links below. Simple!