2018 Seven Continent Charity Challenge #4

Plans for the fourth Seven Continent Charity Challenge 2018 are underway, including the 5-day Guatemala to Honduras Bike Challenge from 21st to 26th May. For more information please do contact us.

There are more events planned throughout the year in different countries including England, Ireland, Australia, Canada and the United States so if you want to get involved, please do contact us.

For every £100 ($150) you raise you could start a Plan Pollo, Plan Huerto (vegetables) o Plan Negocio (small business).

For every £300 ($500) you could start a Plan Tilapia (fish).

For every £600 ($1,000) you could fund a cow in Plan Moo.

For every £1,300 ($2,000) raised you could fund a loom in Plan Corte or a grinding machine in Plan Nixtamal.

Set up your fundraising page by clicking here and then click on “Create my challenge”. You need to create an account and link the charity to Fly The Phoenix. All Gift Aid and 100% of donations come to us – there are no fees with BT!

The third Seven Continent Charity Challenge was officially started in Guatemala on Tuesday 21st March 2017 to raise funds for sustainable income generating plans and project costs.

The second Seven Continent Charity Challenge got underway on Saturday 30th April 2016 with events taking place in Hong Kong, England, Ireland, United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador and Perú. Have a look at the slideshow below to see how it all panned out throughout the day.

On Saturday 6th June 2015 fundraising events took place in countries around the world as part of the inaugural Phoenix Seven Continent Charity Challenge with each continent represented. Over $15,000 was raised which went towards local teachers’ salaries, daily food and fruit, materials and sustainable plans. To donate to each country, please click here.