United States

Various events are already being organised around the world for the second Phoenix Seven Continent Charity Challenge on Saturday 30th April 2016. In the United States these include events in Colorado, Boston and Austin.

This year’s Challenge will be raising money towards implementing sustainable family income plans with the aim that each challenger can raise enough to implement their plans of choice!

For every £100 ($150) you raise you could start a Plan Pollo, Plan Huerto (vegetables) o Plan Negocio (small business).

For every £300 ($500) you could start a Plan Tilapia (fish).

For every £600 ($1,000) you could fund a cow in Plan Moo.

For every £1,300 ($2,000) raised you could fund a loom in Plan Corte or a grinding machine in Plan Nixtamal.

On Saturday 6th June 2015 the inaugural Phoenix Seven Continent Charity Challenge was undertaken.

aaron (640x480)Aaron completed his twelfth 14-er (14,000 feet) mountain in Colorado (4 this year added to 8 last year).

18Ben and Elson (who is from Itzapa, Guatemala), climbed Mount Washington.