Helping Out

There are so many ways to help out and remain a fundamental part of The Phoenix Projects; either by fundraising and donating, taking on a Charity Challenge or helping out on the ground.

The Phoenix Projects will always be a team effort and we welcome you back to help out in the classroom or take on a challenge and visit the projects again. We will only be accepting previous volunteers or their recommended friends and acquaintances. We are non-religious and non-political so we can dedicate ourselves 100% to education.

We ask that all ground costs are covered by you, which include accomodation and food, daily transport and utensils; on average this is about $100 a week, as well as extras like Spanish lessons and trips. We also ask that you raise funds for the projects themselves through Fly The Phoenix before you come out so they can continue running. We also ask that you have full travel and medical insurance.

To find out what is happening each in each country, please see our 2014 Calendar and for any further information on how to get involved, please do contact us.

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