Two new pages launched on the website: putting actual figures to our work on the ground – please see Statistics and also our Easy Fundraising Tips, both of which will be added to throughout the year.

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Guatemala – normal school. Lisa Bailey will be returning for her third visit, this time with a team to build stoves, talk about breast health and start Plan Ironwoman. Video footage of Itzapa English exams and great full results. We welcome in two new kids in Santa María, well, they welcomed themselves!

Honduras – normal school for the month and the first set of exams. Secondary school and carrera continue and Plan Café continues, looking forward for our first harvest at the end of the year.


Nicaragua - normal school; Plan Identidad 5th and 12th; exams 16th-24th; birthdays 25th; trips and football 26th. 5th anniversary of La Thompson celebrated on 7th.


Ecuador - normal school for the month with some brilliant results coming from our colegio kids. Plan Ironwoman continues to be a great success, with the mums rotating bringing in different veggies for the school lunches. Larcacunga english classes continue in the casa on Tuesadays.

Perú – normal school and all is well in Maldonado, with Ediluz and Ruth covering all the classes. The government started to supply powdered milk again for breakfasts.


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22nd – think about caring more for the environment on Earth Day and help us build more environmentally friendly stoves, helping a family and earth.


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