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Guatemalanew term started on 21st in Itzapa with 240 children and 8 local teachers. Construction of two new classrooms is finished allowing all grades to have their own classrom. Sustainable plan #1 “arveja china” (green bean) harvest has so far yielded over 1000lbs. Sustainable plan #2 “arveja china” sown.

Honduras – holidays, school preparation. Fertilizer being administered to our Sustainable Plan Café. Matriculation started towards the end of the month for primary school, and the Phoenix secondary school and college; we will now employ six teachers throughought 2013.

Nicaragua - holidays, school preparation. Over 200 textbooks brought, thanks to the Selvin and Friends Foundation, allowing us to build up solid libraries in both La Thompson and Alexis Arguello. Psycholigical workshops held with parents and teachers on communication and family relationships.

Ecuador - normal school for Huayrapungo, Muenala and Larcacunga, including the Huayrapungan Aquarium. For a look back at 2012, please click here. End of first quimestre (5 month term) with  exams on 31st. Sustainable Plan Iron Woman is coming along very successfully with our first harvest due in February. We welcome Christy to the team!

Perú - summer school starts in Maldonado. 25 children are showing up daily for reinforcement in maths and language, whilst also preparing for the next grade.

Fly The Phoenix Fundraising Events

Julia Brichta for Guatemala (2009). “As part of my New Year’s Resolution to give back and in honor of my birthday, I wanted to raise funds for the Phoenix Projects.”

1st of every month – Regular donations – we receive almost $1000 a month in regular donations sent regularly from our donors´ banks to ours. The backbone of the organisation, we couldn’t continue without knowing we will receive this regular income. If you would like to set up a monthly donation, please click here and thanks in advance!

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