Plan Moo

Plan Moo is a Phoenix Projects sustainable plan, started in Ecuador in 2008 and introduced in Guatemala in 2013, which provides a micro-business and income for many of our families for, amongst others costs, secondary school, college and University for their children as well as income for the schools (local teachers’ salaries, daily food and fruit, materials etc). Each cow costs £750 ($1000).

70 families benefit from Plan Moo as of December 2016 meaning their children’s secondary school, college and university costs can be sustainably covered in the future. Our aim for 2017 is to purchase 25 more cows.

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The stages of Plan Moo:

P1080329In more detail: we buy a pregnant cow or a cow with a new-born calf and temporarily “lend” it to a family (there are bulls for “hire” to start the process!). The income from milk sales from the cow’s first and second calf are kept by family. Once the first calf is old enough it is lent to another family to start the process again whilst the second calf is sold for income for the schools.

P1090901The original family then takes ownership of the cow and all subsequent income and calves remain with that family – they can start a cheese business for example. Only female calves are part of Plan Moo. If the calf is a male it is sold and a female calf is purchased. The family owns the cow outright once two calves have been reared and passed on to other families.

Plan MooThe first calf in each family becomes part of the Plan Moo cycle being lent to further families whilst income from milk is kept by the family. The second calf is sold for income for the school.