The Phoenix Projects

The Phoenix Projects are a non-profit organisation that believes that education, daily food and employment opportunities are basic human rights for those who live in extreme poverty. In order to combat the imbalances of these rights we are creating sustainable 25-year cycle educational community programs. 80% of the local people that Phoenix employs are women.

These are funded by our local income-initiatives, Charity Challenges and international donations through our registered charity, Fly The Phoenix. We are non-religious and non-political so we can dedicate ourselves 100% to education.

Please click on this link to make a donation to our 2014 Annual Appeal as we strive for the sustainability of the projects in the future.

The Phoenix Projects are located in communities beset by extreme poverty in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Perú. Not only do we provide education, but we also hire and support local teachers, thereby stimulating the local economy. Through this education and investment in sustainable income-generating plans, we are providing better job opportunities for the future. It is our goal that over time, the communities will be able to take ownership, thus The Phoenix Projects become sustainable.


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