The Phoenix Projects

The Phoenix Projects are a non-profit-making organisation that believes education, daily food and employment opportunities are basic human rights for those who live in extreme poverty.

We aim to provide primary, secondary and college education to over 1,000 children and teenagers in several indigenous communities across Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Perú. In addition to supplying daily food, fruit and school materials we currently employ 40 local teachers and assistants in our schools, offering education to children without other options simply because of their backgrounds. Many of these teachers are our ex-students who we have supported through their education to become qualified teachers.

To ensure the long-term continuity of the programs and opportunities for the communities, The Phoenix Projects are dedicated to implementing sustainable long-term income-generating plans and small local businesses. These help with the costs of educating and feeding the children as well as providing increased family income. This will enable control of the projects to be handed over to the communities in the future whilst at the same time offering employment opportunities for our graduates.

Phoenix provides employment to 60 local people of which 80% are women. Many of our students not employed by Phoenix have found paid full-time work elsewhere.

The projects are funded by our local income-initiatives, Charity Challenges and international donations through our registered charity Fly The Phoenix. We are non-religious and non-political so we can dedicate ourselves 100% to education.

Please click on this link to get involved in our Seven Continent Charity Challenge #2 on Saturday 30th April 2016, raising funds and awareness for the projects and their sustainability.


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