Sustainable PlansperuThe Phoenix Projects began work in Perú in both primary and kindergarten schools in the Quechua-speaking (click here for some vocabulary) desert communities of Triunfo and Maldonado in Sachaca on the outskirts of Arequipa in 2006 and later in Chiguata, Chivay and Machahuaya. Since then we have employed local teachers and cooks so the children could have one hot meal a day as well as fresh fruit. We have built extra classrooms, energy-efficient stoves and kitchens in the schools, awarded materials scholarships for further education and communal water tanks due to the scarcity of water. In 2013 the government became more proactive with food programs and teachers so our work is now concentrated in Maldonado. We aim to provide the funds for around 50 children to receive primary school as well as some through university with our teacher-assistant scheme each year. 10865888_393370640841812_1450503692762280700_o

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