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After initial investigations in 2004, in 2005 The Phoenix Projects began working in three local Kichwa-speaking (click here for some vocabulary) indigenous schools in the communities of Huayrapungo, Muenala and Urcusiqui.   All above 3000m in the Andes mountain range of Ecuador, and located on the edge of the diverse Intag region at least 1 hour outside of Otavalo, The Phoenix Team were able to help with transport as well as much needed support in the classroom. Each school has 1 teacher working across all 7 grades, and little access to educational resources.


In 2007, The Phoenix Projects began work with Larcacunga, a community on the other side of Otavalo.  Today we work in the 3 communities, Huayrapungo, Muenala and Larcacunga, with the 4 teachers, 85 primary school children and some 40 high school children, providing:

    • A healthy nutritious daily school meal and a piece of fruit for all 85 primary children (that’s over 20,000 pieces of fruit a year);
    • Primary education support by paying for three more local teachers (started in 2013);
    • Plan Moo, (cows) and Plan Cuy (guinea pigs) two sustainable projects that provide an income to support the children’s Secondary Education;
    • Plan Estufa – In 2011 we completed the project – all 3 communities now have energy efficient stoves to cut out the health risks associated with in-house pollution;
    • Plan Iron Woman or Plan Hierro – a new project launched this year that aims to provide pregnant mothers with the essential nutrients, including iron, for the healthy development of their children;
    • In 2014 we plan to start our very own Dairy Herd to support the Food Programme at Huayrapungo and Muenala.
    • In September 2014, the government closed the schools in Huayrapungo, Muenala and Larcacunga, forcing the children to travel to centralized schools. We will be providing the transport and continuing with daily food and fruit for the journey.

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