the latest from ecuador 

In 2005 The Phoenix Projects began working in three local Kichwa-speaking (click here for some vocabulary) indigenous schools in the communities of Huayrapungo, Muenala and Urcusiqui. All above 3000m in the Andes mountains each school had 1 teacher working across all 7 grades and little access to educational resources. Since then, in 2007, The Phoenix Projects began work with Larcacunga, a community on the other side of Otavalo. As well as providing daily food and fruit and educational materials we have built energy-efficient stoves, employed local teachers and started Plan Ironwoman aimed to improve the diets of pre-natal mothers. Sustainable plans including the purchase of cows (Plan Moo) and guinea pigs (Plan Cuy) which were started in 2009 now help cover further education costs of all the children in the communities.

After ten years, in September 2014, the government closed the schools in Huayrapungo, Muenala and Larcacunga, forcing the children to travel to centralized schools. Our aim is to pay for five local teachers to cover all the grades in the school.

We aim to provide the funds for around 100 children and teenagers to receive official primary, secondary, college and university education each year through sustainable plans. DSC00339

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