The Phoenix Projects began in Kaqchikel-speaking (click here for some vocabulary) San Andrés Itzapa, Guatemala in 2002 and expanded into Santa María de Jesús in 2004. We built schools for children to receive first-time education and now pay for local teachers for 400 children to receive official education in pre-school and primary as well as daily fruit. We aim to start sustainable income plans to help students cover secondary school costs in 2015.

Children in Itzapa

Plan Estufa was set up to provide energy efficient stoves and nullifying in-house air pollution and Plan Reforestación gives income to the mothers, as well as planting 25,000 trees each year. Plan Moo (income generated by milk) and Plan Arbeja China (green beans) will be started to cover the costs of local teacher salaries as our school in Itzapa became recognised in 2012 and Santa María will follow suit soon.

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