Honduras Sustainable Plans

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Plan Café

Plan Café was launched in Honduras in 2011 by planting hundreds of coffee bushes on land in San Rafael. Once the harvests begin, a % of the yield will go to cover project costs and a % to local labour costs and maintenance of the coffee plantation.

???????????????????????????????Our first harvest was undertaken in December and January, 2014, and yielded 65 gallons of raw coffee fruits/berries, which once de-pulped and cleaned, yielded 24 gallons of cleaned beans which were then sold to local buyers. The price of coffee has been very low in 2013/14 ($10 a gallon) though it was a great start to Plan Café.

Plan Arveja China (or similar crop)

Plan Arveja China (green beans) is being trialled at the moment in Guatemala, by initially investing $1,500 in the materials and workers salaries needed for a crop of green beans. Sales of the harvest are then divided up with a % going into the next crop costs and salaries and a % to the school running costs. It is hoped we will have 3-4 harvests per year to negate any affects of a lost harvest.

Plan Pollo

Each family will receive a certain quantity of chickens and the income from egg and meat sales will be shared between the families and the school costs.

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